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Arizona Sec. of State Says Audit Could ‘Produce the Result That They Want’

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has said that the continuous political race review in Maricopa County, Arizona, has made an environment “prime for cooking the books” to create the coordinators’ ideal result.

Hobbs, a Democrat, addressed CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday about the questionable review of the 2020 official political race results and examined how it is being directed.

The Republican-controlled state governing body requested the review and it’s being completed by an organization called Cyber Ninjas, which has no past experience evaluating decisions.

Tapper outlined for Hobbs, “So we should discuss this ‘fraudit’ going on,” prior to featuring that coordinators had been utilizing blue and dark pens as a component of the cycle.

“Your office thinks this is not kidding,” Tapper said.

“On the off chance that you go into any classification place, you won’t track down a dark or blue pen anyplace,” Hobbs said.

“You can’t have that shading ink around live voting forms. It can conceivably change a voting form. To keep away from any blunder, there’s just red pens in those rooms. We cautioned right off the bat a rundown of safety efforts we sent and said these ought to be followed when taking care of these polling forms and gear,” she said.

Hobbs added that her office had raised the issue of blue and dark pens right off the bat in the review yet that they were all the while seeing the pens utilized, saying the review was “proceeding to overlook that and proceeding to do this.”

The Democrat, who as of late reported a run for legislative head of Arizona, disclosed to Tapper she needed to feature “the absence of techniques, the absence of best practices, the absence of anything set up that will loan to the believability of whatever outcomes they produce.”

“This doesn’t even intently take after what you would find in an authentic post-political race review that was attempting to check political decision results,” Hobbs said.

“Furthermore, we realize that they are making an environment that is prime for cooking the books so they can deliver the outcome that they need to create,” she said.

Coordinators of the Maricopa County review have been blamed for seeking after fear inspired notions, remembering searching for bamboo strands for voting forms dependent on an unwarranted case that a few voting forms were dispatched in from Asia. Two past reviews discovered no proof of boundless citizen misrepresentation in Maricopa County.

Hobbs confronted provocation and demise dangers as she endeavored to guard the trustworthiness of the political race in Arizona. As secretary of state, she is the state’s top political race official. President Joe Biden won Arizona in 2020 by around 10,000 votes.