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According to the research, 75% of executives believe their organizations could be out of business if they fail to scale AI. You need to join the fast-paced AI transformation to stay in the race. Businesses today need a 360-degree digital automation boost with Conversational AI – Commerce, Engagement, Hyper personalization, and Cognitive Analytics. is helping businesses to reach a better Customer Experience, rapidly changing behaviour management, scaling up affinity and support for customers, and reducing operational costs. Further, the SaaS-based platform is helping businesses to be more efficient in engaging, communicating, and being there for customers 24X7.

The world is moving away from contact, creating an urgent requirement for low-touch interfaces. Visions of human-like intelligence are prevalent across sci-fi books and movies. Additionally, the idea of talking to your computer is nothing new. has combined voice technology and cognitive AI to develop automation tools with human-in-the-room experience and boost conversational Kirana, hyper-personalization of services in banking, e-commerce, education, etc.
“With our 360-degree AI-powered solution, we aim to boost organizational processes so they can tap into the opportunities as an AI early adopter,” says Vivek Jain, Co-Founder of
Adding to that, Ankit Kimtee, Co-Founder, says, “Artificial Intelligence as a source of automation reduces not just resource cost but also phenomenally increases revenues with the quality of work and time. And the solutions are not restricted to a particular process or industry but could be innovatively tailored to shape your organizational requirements.”

One of the crucial aspects of how an organization is perceived to its support function. Today’s customer wants reliable and quick solutions, many questions being repetitive, prompting organizations to automate somewhere hampering the customer experience.

The success of Service industries, such as retail, travel, telecommunications, and FinTech, is dominated by the effectiveness of support processes. Using conversational solutions like chatbots and voice bots, organizations can engage and have added advantages in improving customer experience.

We’re living in uncertain times where businesses cannot operate how they used to, just months before. Low touch economy is upon us, and we need quick solutions to accommodate the new normal.

Vivek Jain, Co-Founder at, adds, “Our Cognitive AI solutions, including chatbots and voice bots, can not just resolve a large number of regular customer queries but also effectively help you enter the low-touch era. With human-like conversations, high-end analytics, decisions backed by data science, CONVERSATIONAL AI is all you need to strategize ahead to combat the low-touch economy.”
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