6 Very Simple Weekend DIY Projects To Consider This Summer

Since it is quite clear that the current coronavirus pandemic will still go on and people will still be confined to their homes, why not make the time more constructive? There are countless very simple weekend DIY projects that you can consider this summer. They will fill your time and will make your life more fulfilled.

Create Your Hand-Painted Wallpaper

Wallpaper can get pretty expensive. But there are alternatives you can take into account. For instance, you can use wood in order to draw vertical lines right along your wall. After, you can cut 2 wood pieces and do it at an angle. You can glue them together and you will end up with a template that can be used to create the remaining pattern. Use pencils to design your wall. Then, all you need is a brush to paint.

Create Your DIY Coffee Station

Maybe there are several mismatched mugs you have inside cabinets. The collection can be consolidated and you can keep all pick-me-up accessories in a single location.
Build your DIY coffee station by sanding wood and then spraying it with lacquer. Put all pieces together and arrange the shelf at the proper 90 degrees angle. Then, you have your own DIY coffee station in just a few hours.

Create Your Slide-Out Crate Organizer

When you do not have much space available in your entryway but you do want more storage, sliding milk crates can be great. Just take 2 crates and turn them into more functional items. You can store things inside them and then paint them. Just make sure to keep measuring so that you can make sure functionality is as high as it needs to be.

Create Your Custom Mirror

When you have a lackluster mirror inside your home, you can easily transform it into a beautiful statement piece. This is actually so much easier than expected. For instance, turn plain wooden mirrors into rose gold pieces. This can be done with rust-oleum spray paint, tape, and paint.
The corners can be painted with white paint. Then, cover them after drying with tape. Spray the rest of the frame and you are done. Everything can be ready in a few hours if you are skilled.

Reupholster Headboards

This quick project can easily brighten up the bedroom in a single weekend. You need elbow grease and a really beautiful headboard can be created. Consider this to be a very affordable update that is capable of making a huge impact. Just prepare for several coats of paint in order to cover the color of the original upholstery.

Transform Old Dressers With Milk Paint

We tend to throw away old dressers but we can also transform them with a little bit of DIY work. The great thing about using milk paint for such a project is that it will instantly change the appearance of the dresser. It will make it so much more attractive and you would end up with great hardware to use.

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