COVID, CrossRail, Tiny Prefab Homes, High UK Inflation and Low Property Prices are luring Londoners to Cardiff

With Auction Properties in London suddenly Sky-Rocketing , (through the roof) at many multiples of their Initial Guide (or Asking) Prices , Thrifty (Post-Pandemic) Londoners are now (quickly) heading Westwards – Thanks to Crossrail and Host of other (previously Unthinkable) ‘Home-Working’ and ‘Tele-Commuting’ Options .

Modern , Prefabricated , (Modular) Live-Work (L/W) Accommodation Units are certainly getting very popular , these days , in Cardiff (especially those Lovely Scandinavian Prefab Building which are constantly arriving , in hefty sections , on the Back of Huge Lorries , which can easily be Fully Assembled , with HIAB Cranes , within a Few Working Days or So) – But (Obviously) the Devil lies (Strictly) in the Detail (and in the Budget). However : The Bright Young Architects at a (Highly) Progressive Little Design Firm in South Korea have finally come up with a (Very) Shocking Solution.

So : What Exactly is the precise (Architectural) Problem (over here in Cardiff) – and Why (on Earth) should we (truly) be bothered about it ?

A Rather Quirky Little bit of Freehold Land in Pengam Green – which is one of Cardiff City’s Trendiest (and Leafiest) Residential Areas (Postcode = CF24 2HB). This Highly Intriguing (and Rather Alluring) Plot of (Leafy) Freehold UK Land , with Huge (Commercial and Glamping) Potential , is presently being offered for sale. It is Conspicuously Located in Pengam Green , Cardiff City , South Wales (Postcode CF24 2HB) , and has already had Hundreds of UK Viewers (seriously) Scratching their Heads in despair ; most especially as to what could possibly be done with it.

This is a strategically sited portion of freehold land in a beautiful area of Cardiff , comprising of approximately 0.1 Acres of open (green) space in 2 different parts. A prefabricated GRP kiosk is already on site , as are the derelict underground foundations of an old (pre-1928) building. It is relatively close (in terms of walking or cycling) to Cardiff Central Train Station. Car Driving usually only takes about 9 mins to get to Cardiff Central Train Station. Vehicle Access is via a gated entrance with off street parking facilities , preferably for one car (or so).

It is located between 2 busy Bus Stops and has good potential for development. Very Nice Homes are nearby , as lots of Professionals live (and work) in Pengam Green. There are plenty of safe places to park in front of it , as it lies in a cul-de-sac. A Mobile Cafe (Portable Street Food Canteen) appears to be a rather popular suggestions. Other suggestions include glamping pods , corner shops , offices and signage. Another possibility is a mini arcade of quaint Victorian (or Edwardian) Kiosks. Other possibilities include a sub post office , a salon , a fashion house or a spa.

A semi-commercial or semi-residential (live-work) unit has even been proposed. Of course it could also be used as a creative space (or a social networking hub)- or maybe a local community radio station or even a local community television studio. The opportunities (and possibilities) in such a trendy area are (absolutely) endless. A Massive Park , a GP Surgery and a Popular Sports Ground are also beside it. IT HAS A HUGE AMOUNT OF PASSING FOOTFALL ; DURING WORKING WEEKDAYS. For the Record : This particular property is also viewable on the Pattinson Auction Website ; together with Zoopla , Rightmove , PrimeLocation , OnTheMarket , plus countless other Property Marketing Networks.

So : What on Earth can actually be done with such an Exceedingly Quirky Plot of Cardiff Land ? Has any worthwhile Property Project ever been done with a Similar (Sized) Plot of Land – Anywhere else in the World ?

To Answer such a (Huge) Architectural Question – we spent 6 Whole Months (Yes , 180 Days) trying to come up with something which had already been done , elsewhere (subject to Obtaining All of the relevant Planning Permissions etc).

Thankfully : Here is a Totally Unique Suggestion from our International Advisory Panel of Independent Property Experts: (So) Do Prepare (Yourself) To Be (Totally and Utterly) Amazed !

In the Year 2020 , one of South Korea’s most progressive Architectural Firms (The Smaller Architects Partnership) successfully managed to build a 4 Storey House (with Loft and Parking) on only 66 m² (Sixty-Six) Square Metres of Premium City Land.

Seroro House, located in Seoul, South Korea , is (by far) widely acclaimed to be one of the best examples (out there) of a micro (tiny) house design which fits perfectly into its surroundings. Seroro , translated as ‘Vertical’ in Korean, takes its name from the orientation of the house. The residence comprises four stories which are vertically stacked, with a 172 square foot room occupying each floor. A parking garage is found on the ground floor, with a living room and bathroom on the first floor. Located on the second floor is a kitchen and dining area. A bedroom and bathroom occupy the third floor, topped off with a dressing room and bathtub located on the fourth floor.

Seoul-based Smaller Architects, who believe that “smaller means small and better,” was commissioned to design a home on a mere 710 square foot (66 square metre) plot of land, located right in the very heart of the national capital. The lot that the residence was ultimately built on had sat vacant for years due to its small size, but the couple who purchased the land recognized its potential for their first home. Located near a large park and the Fortress Wall, a cultural heritage site in the old town of Seoul, the natural shape of the land directed the curved outline of the exterior of the micro dwelling. Taking advantage of the surroundings of the house, most of the windows are south and west-facing to enjoy both the park views and natural lighting. Smaller Architects purposely limited the number of windows on the south and east sides to provide privacy. Vertical living apparently suits the couple who now reside in Seroro House. Spending most of their daytime hours on the first and second floors, at night they retire to the third and fourth floors. They even started to appreciate the health benefits of having stairs, which also give the couple personal space when needed. Apparently, smaller does mean better.

So : What (on Earth) does CrossRail have to do with this particular little piece of (Quirky) Cardiff Land ? Why on Earth should anyone Care about it ? Furthermore : What is the precise connection between Cardiff , Tele-Commuting , Home-Working , and (Rapidly Escalating) London Property Prices (for that Matter) ?

Relax. Take a Breather. Please Calm Down , My Dear (All Will SOON Be Revealed).

It’s All About The Time , The Money , The Good Standard Of Residential Living , The High Quality Of Residential Life , The Added (Residential) Flexibility , The Additional Commercial Add-Ons , The (Extra) Lifetime (Rental) Income Opportunities from 2 (Separate) Tiny Commercial Kiosks on the Ancillary Unbuilt (Non-Residential) Areas – and Almost Everything Else (In-Between Them All).

A Direct Commercial (Passenger) Train going from Cardiff Central Station (in Wales) to London Paddington Station (in England) currently takes about 2 Hours (via Rail) as at the 4th of July 2021. However : Within the Next 3 Years the (CrossRail-Optimized) Train Journey Time from Cardiff (Central) to London (Paddington) could actually be slashed to as low as 1.5 Hours. In Context : Many London Workers travel from Brighton (Sussex) to London Every Day via Train : Average Commuting Time 1.1 Hours. Many London Workers travel from Colchester (Essex) to London Every Day via Train : Average Commuting Time 1.5 Hours. Many London Workers travel from Birmingham (West Midlands) to London Every Day via Train : Average Commuting Time 1.5 Hours. Many London Workers travel from Leicester (East Midlands) to London Every Day via Train : Average Commuting Time 1.1 Hours.

Unsurprisingly : Wales has seen the largest annual house price growth in the year to December 2020 out of the four UK nations, according to official data released as part of the UK House Price Index Summary, compiled by the Office of National Statistics, which clearly shows that house prices increased by 10.7% in Wales during that time. But this figure is for house price growth, not the highest house prices; England can still claim to have the highest average house prices out of the four nations. According to property portal Zoopla, in England the current average value of a house is £320,757 compared to the Wales average of £199,113. But this lower average value that gets you more property for your pound this side of the border is just one of a number of reasons why Wales has experienced such a rapid growth during 2020, according to Many Industry Experts. Infact , Many Top Property advisers in Wales believe that the COVID Lockdown has made people reassess what they want from a home. They realise they can work from anywhere, so (some of those) people who had (previously) planned to move to Cardiff in five years time have now brought their plans forward and are doing this so much earlier. There has previously always been an interest in Cardiff , but the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic now appears to have radically changed the particular type of properties which people are now looking to buy. A lot of people are now choosing to skip a step or two on the property market, going from something like a one-bedroom apartment straight to a detached three bedroom house (or larger) – as there is definitely more thought being put into buying something which is much more long term now.

Having an outdoor space is now absolutely essential to a lot of people. It doesn’t have to be a big outdoor space, as there are lots of apartments in Cardiff the ability to have a balcony or even more of a view really is something people are looking for. The average cost of living in Wales is considerably lower than the UK average, though where you live in Wales influences by how much, and property in Wales offers some of the best value for money in the UK. When you factor in what Wales offers and the lifestyle available it’s easy to see why values have increased so much.

The removal of the Tolls (and Toll Gate Fees) on the Severn Bridge (way) back in December 2018 definitely gave the Cardiff Property Market a Massive Boost , but unquestionably the last Year or so (and it’s perpetual impact of COVID thereof) has definitely hastened many to re-assess their fundamental housing needs, more specifically in regard to the size of their accommodation, access to outside space and the desire to be somewhere which is a bit less crowded than London – just like Cardiff.

A quick comparison of London Properties when directly compared to those in South Wales consistently (and solidly) highlights exactly how much more you can easily get for your money (in Wales) – in addition (of course) to the (well known) fact that the Welsh Folk are (still) globally known as one of the Friendliest People (on Earth) – even as the Fabulous City of Cardiff humbly continues to steadily offer an (Eclectically) Enviable Lifestyle to all (incoming) Londoners , irrespective of their (Lawful) Passions and Interests.

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