MEM Report, Insights, Size, Share, Growth, Industry Forecast

An increase in the privatization of medical schools, a rise in the number of medical schools, and a surge in the number of students seeking a medical education, are all contributing to the growth of the global medical education market.
The increasing need for digitalization in the education industry is expected to drive the medical education market. When compared to conventional learning methods, tablet-based, multimedia-enhanced training is seen to improve medical examination results.

Emerging countries are investing in healthcare infrastructure to improve healthcare quality. The increasing infrastructure will trigger the hiring of additional medical personnel. Thus, the worldwide medical education market is projected to benefit as a result of this.


• Digitization in the medical education field is expected to drive the growth of the medical education market. Digitization of Medical education offers unparalleled access to fresh study methods through videos and audios, all of which are cost-effective. This cost-effective feature is expected to increase more enrollments during the forecast periods.

• Furthermore, CME (continuing medical education) promotes lifelong learning by assisting medical professionals in filling gaps in their professional practice, which is projected to increase the medical education market growth throughout the forecast period.

• The increase in the number of medical schools especially in the developing economy is expected to boost market growth. The demographic and epidemiologic shifts in emerging market economies (EMEs) are accelerating. In most of these countries, the population’s health is jeopardized by a twin burden of lifestyle-related diseases and emerging and current infectious diseases. This in turn is forcing governments of these regions to be involved in developing the healthcare infrastructure and medical schools.

• An increase in the number of private medical schools is expected to further boost the medical education market growth. Over the last several decades, the privatization of medical education has exploded, with the number of private medical schools rapidly increasing. This is majorly attributed to the population boom and inability of the governments to meet the medical needs of society due to both economic constraints and limited infrastructure.