How Social Shopping Can Drive Sales

The Internet and mobile phones have surely changed the behaviour and lifestyle of human beings so much that people spend most of their time using social media these days. With the everyday increasing penetration of the internet across the globe, this trend is likely to increase. With this evolving trend, the business has also evolved these days. Yes, we are talking about social commerce and the business emerging due to popular social media and social networks. Before we go on further, let us understand what social commerce really is.

What Is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the process where products or services sell through social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. It differs from social media marketing as it offers the ability to checkout and make purchases through the same platform instead of directing to an e-commerce platform.

Social Commerce is the latest buzzing word in the online business industry as it has streamlined the overall process with the help of Chatbots and other autofill options for payments and delivery information. It has made the process of purchasing easy for the users as the whole process is completed in a single window with the options of buying button available.

Why Is It Trending?

There are billions of daily active users on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest that want to purchase these networks. The option of buying on the same platform and checking out with just a few clicks have genuinely solved some consumer issues. The operators of these social commerce businesses also find it more profitable as social media messengers give high ROI compared to email and other online business models. The consumer and the business owners are more satisfied with the way social commerce works.

These days one can easily generate sales through social media solutions that engage the audience on the social media platform and turn them into sales by streamlining the process.
Social commerce has started using technology to provide a better and smooth consumer experience. It is no overstatement to say that social commerce is the key to the future growth of e-commerce businesses.

How To Drive Sales Through Social Commerce?

You may be wondering how to leverage social media platforms for driving sales. Let us take a look at some of the important things to consider.

Automated Checkouts

Numerous tools come with prebuilt automated checkout chatbots that could ease the whole process and drive direct sales instead of redirecting to other platforms. The benefit of a chatbot is that it is available round the clock, be it weekend or holiday, unlike traditional customer service.

Improve Engagement

Genuinely solving consumer problems is the key to success in social commerce. This could only be done by more engagement with your customers through more content and messengers. The content should be organic, catchy, and highly engaging. Try to deconstruct what your competitors are doing, then formulate your own strategy.

Prefer Low-Cost Products

One should think about selling something which is low cost and engaging because that is what people are surfing for on social media platforms. The first point to consider is what you wish to sell and how it appeals to the customer. If you sell too costly products, then social commerce would be of little help as people look for product friendly and unique products.

Eye Catching Media Campaigns

It is the social media campaigns that help you in generating sales. How you engage with the audience decides the success of your media campaign. Once the first sale is made, you can also do email marketing for customer retention.

Influencer Marketing

Consumers these days prefer more authenticity, and it is better that you rely on micro-influencers with organic content instead of celebrities. It will surely help your brand to engage with customers and develop a strong connection. Also, look for genuine influencers according to the niche you are targeting.

More Video Content

As of now, video is the king of social media platforms to engage with more users. It is far more engaging than posts, and people prefer to buy products that have video descriptions. Statistics show that about 80 percent of consumers look for a video while they are shopping. So try to post more and more highly engaging videos to drive sales.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

The most valuable content in social commerce is the videos, shares, and comments posted by the users about the effectiveness of the product or services offered by you. User-generated content spreading the words about your product could be the most effective way of reaching the mass. People trust more on common man words as they could relate to them. A genuine user with a good review could help you more than an influencer.

Multiple Sales Channel

The various social commerce platforms should be integrated so as to generate multiple sales through them. The millennial generation prefers one platform and the other age groups. So in order to target different niches, you need to maintain multiple sales channels with an omnichannel strategy. There are various tools in the market available that integrate your Facebook store, Instagram tags, and Pinterest Pins.

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