Moving from Temporary Band-Aid Solutions to Effective, Well-Grounded Results for Damaged QuickBooks Files

Brandon – MB, October 20, 2021: A negative balance in the transaction history, missing transactions and entries from lists, paid bills and invoices showing as unpaid, and sluggish operations are just some of the tip-offs of a corrupt QuickBooks data file.

Files can be damaged due to viruses to the hard drive on which the database is stored, overgrown file size, power surges. Lack of system resources such as RAM, virtual memory, network interface cards, routers, network cables, and the like or the inappropriate shut down of the system.

In cases of a wireless network, dropped connections are the norm which creates issues with the data file. Backups are usually automatically done within QuickBooks but manual monthly backups are recommended when the log file is created and continues to increase in size. As for file size, the recommended limit for Pro and Premier users is up to 250 MB file. With QuickBooks enterprise users can go to 500 MB.

The QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild tool is helpful for detecting and rectifying most issues in a damaged file. The only instance where most users have found the tool to not be much help is in case of corrupt lists.

Corrupt list data causes vendors or customers to be misplaced, as well as invoices and payments to be associated with the wrong accounts. “If you find yourself faced with this situation, try making and restoring a portable backup. This causes indexes and links to be rebuilt and this can clear data problems,” QuickBooks Repair Pro’s John Rocha said.

Anything that is attempted to repair a damaged entry will affect all transactions and reports that use the damaged entry. This includes reconciled and closed transactions and also the previous financial statements. Rocha said entries should always be merged into new ones by renaming the old entry to have the same name as the new entry.

QuickBooks Repair Pro’s File Repair service can repair almost any version of QuickBooks data files, from the first version for DOS to the latest Pro, Premier, Accountant or Enterprise versions.

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