IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Downtime Prevention became easier with InsightCat Full-stack Monitoring Solution

Infrastructure monitoring is gaining momentum, but not all companies are ready with confidence to declare which part of their infrastructure will work effectively. Are you sure your IT environment is prepared to meet unusual behavior or mass traffic? Do you think you are fully aware of your service’s downtimes?

Israel, Tel Aviv – November 2021 – InsightCat – delivering infrastructure monitoring and downtime prevention to get real-time insights into any IT ecosystem, software and hardware. You no longer need to monitor the infrastructure by yourself or control it through multiple consoles simultaneously. InsightCat allows you to open features within the Infrastructure monitoring platform, saving you time and money.

Use InsightCat to monitor any service embedded into your corporate IT infrastructure, including cloud, server, database, container, or other components. How does it work? Install the agent, you can use Telegraf or Docker to analyze your device, set it up to connect our server, and obtain real-time metrics directly from your infrastructure. InsightCat platform allows you to predict any downtime or abnormal behavior within the system, afterward, get the root cause to determine the solution quicker and easier. There is no longer a need to purchase multiple tools to deal with log data, synthetic monitoring, or alerting. InsightCat is supplied with a toolset to enhance observability and visibility to know exactly how everything relates to each other and how to stay constantly informed about your IT infrastructure estate.

Synthetic monitoring allows you to achieve system reliability through simulation and eliminate issues before end-user notice them.
On top of that, get log data from all IT assets, collected in a single centralized log management solution. Insight Cat allows you to see all events that happened in your network, view them in the format you need, such as a table or JSON, and stay constantly informed about the system’s performance with no hidden or undetected activities.

What does it mean to your company?

Get observability at every layer of the IT environment. A single place for all your data to explore it from different sides without the need to maintain a few products to cover those needs.

Use reach functionality that allows you to monitoring solutions accompanied by automation that predicts every system’s action, incl. downtimes and uptimes. On top of that, the flexible alerting system enables the entire IT team to be notified of any changes in the production environment.

Using InsightCat, you can integrate with the best systems on the market like AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

Monitor your IT from one place. Gain metrics from any device, system, OS.

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About InsightCat
Founded in 2019, InsightCat aimed to change the standard approach to monitoring mission-critical systems. Our way is providing easy-to-use solutions while designing a feature-rich product. Nowadays, companies worldwide use InsightCat platform to reduce costs, avoid technical debt and prevent downtimes. We oversee the global village, helping our customers by providing reliable world-class service to their clients.