55Haitao Promises Huge Prime Day Deals at Amazon Meeting in Beijing

55Haitao CEO Alan Gu participated in a panel discussion at the Amazon Overseas Shopping media communication meeting held in Beijing, where he addressed the latest ecommerce trends with senior executives from the industry. Amazon officially announced that 2021 Amazon Prime Day will take place from June 20-23 in China. The conference also marked the fifth anniversary of Amazon Prime Day in the country.

As an event partner, 55Haitao is set to bring more new customers to Amazon in the course of the event, leveraging its comprehensive shopping guides and deal listings. Alan Gu reaffirmed the company’s commitment to enhance customers’ shopping experience and help shoppers from all over the world get the best value for their money, especially on Prime Day.

“55Haitao and Amazon have been cooperating since November 2014, and it has been nearly 7 years. We have witnessed the rapid development of Amazon Overseas Shopping in China,” Alan Gu said. “With Amazon’s massive global selection of products, high-quality suppliers, and efficient logistics and distribution, consumer perception regarding the authenticity, affordability, and convenience of Amazon shopping remains unchanged,” he adds.

Amazon Prime now provides more than 200 million members worldwide with high-quality online shopping and entertainment experience. “We are very happy to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Amazon Prime Day in China with the majority of Chinese Prime members,” Amazon China vice-president Li Yanchuan said. “… We will bring a comprehensive upgrade with richer exclusive products, more value-added offers, and a more convenient shopping experience on Amazon Prime Member’s Day.”

55Haitao Gears Up for Prime Day

Amazon Overseas Shopping aims to lead cross-border companies into the era of large-scale product selection. In partnership with Amazon, 55Haitao launches super cash back and a wealth of products and content to promote Amazon Overseas Shopping in the Chinese market. Through its digital platforms and a network of digital channels, 55Haitao launched shopping guides and resources to drum up hype for Amazon Prime Day.

Preparations at the 55Haitao office are well underway for the 64-hour shopping event. Deals will be pushed 24 hours a day on the platforms so users don’t miss out on the latest and best deals on offer. Content planting and sharing features will also be activated so that shoppers can get personalized and timely information.
Quality Life Made Affordable

55Haitao is driven by the mission to integrate global discounts and make quality life less expensive. The team scours for the best deals available online to deliver quality products and great value for money to consumers. The in-depth cooperation with Amazon and the full-scale preparations for Prime Membership Day 2021 promises an enjoyable and fulfilling cross-border shopping experience to all Chinese Prime members.

Years of concerted efforts have brought about a win-win situation and improvement for both Amazon and 55Haitao. In the past year, international online shopping faced unique challenges brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic. With international flights put on hold, freight logistics disrupted, and warehouses closed for some months, ordering goods from overseas became a little more difficult, if not impossible, for users.

But amid an international crisis, there is always an opportunity for innovation. The retail and online shopping industry has been affected by the pandemic, but 55Haitao rose to the challenge of finding new ways to enhance the shopping experience. The company worked closely with Amazon Overseas Shopping to come up with ideas on how to serve users better.

55Haitao provided users with up-to-date information on discounted products available on Amazon’s website. This information is updated 24 hours a day in real-time to drive sales growth for overseas retailers and, at the same time, meet user demand. 55Haitao also launched Best Deals Ranked Listings for Amazon.

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About 55Haitao Group

55Haitao owns China’s largest shopping guide and forum for international shoppers. It supports a fast-growing network of online retailers through the publication of Chinese-language content, products, paid ads, and brand information on its many digital platforms including deal sites and mobile apps. About 90% of its traffic comes from China. 55Haitao is the parent company to several performance marketing properties with the same goal to help sellers reach a wider audience by directing consumers to the best deals, cash back rewards, and promo codes. The properties include 55Haitao, LinkHaitao, Linkbux, GoCashBack, DealAM, and Shoplooks.