Jesuits have Joined Seventh-day Adventists to Create ‘New Interfaith Spaces’ to Connect Four Times a Year in Spain

Jesuits in Spain have joined Seventh-day Adventists and other religions in a series of interfaith engagements that will take place every three months. The first round of meetings for the “New Inter-religious Space” already took place on March 5, 2021 in the “Arrupe Extea Chapel,” a Jesuit chapel named after Pedro Arrupe, the 28th Superior General of the Jesuits (Black Pope). Participants in these new quarterly ecumenical gatherings include Jesuits, Seventh-day Adventists, Evangelicals, Atheists, Mormons, Muslims, and Baha’is. This news was published by the Ignacio Ellacuría Social Foundation, a Jesuit-run organization named after the Jesuit priest Ignacio Ellacuría.

What is also of interest is that the Ignacio Ellacuría Social Foundation, an organization affiliated with the Society of Jesus and the Society of Mary, has an ecumenical initiative called “DIAR” that promotes dialogue, relationships, acceptance and respect among all religions. The Ignacio Ellacuría Social Foundation also has a “TOWER OF BABEL” initiative that promotes “a safe space for self-sufficiency, collective and individual empowerment, social participation, joint responsibility and claim”.

The Jesuits are pushing these ecumenical “Tower of Babel” safe spaces. There are no “safe spaces” when it comes to Jesuits. Whenever the flock of God enters interfaith communion with the Jesuits, they must understand that they are entering a den of ravenous wolves. Instead of defending the flock, many of our Seventh-day Adventist leaders are leading the flock to the slaughterhouse. God has NOT given us a message in this final hour of earth’s history to enter Rome’s Tower of Babel. Do we no longer have Protestants in charge of the work?

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