Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Need To Know

When you travel, you want to be safe. This is obvious. The problem is that staying in a hotel is something we naturally think of as being completely safe. In reality, it might be the exact opposite. This is especially the case when you do not know what safety steps you have to take.
In order to keep travelers safe, here are the most important hotel safety tips that you have to know, as curated by:

When Booking And Checking In
For starters, it is always a very good idea to book online. This lets you save time and you will not have to give important information when at the counter. Other people cannot overhear what you say, which reduces the possibility that you will be targeted by burglars.
When you check in, it is safer to write down your phone number and name and then hand it over. Add a print-out of the reservation, a passport photocopy, and the credit card so it is swiped (if you did not pay online). The hotel staff will know you care about security and will not talk much. Also, make sure the concierge does not take your bags. Place them right in front of you and carry them yourself for maximum safety.
Request The Best Floor
Make sure you never get a room on the top floor or on the ground floor. These are very easy to access. The other floors are much more secure. Also, you might want to get a room for the second or third floors whenever possible since fire truck ladders can easily reach them.
You may also want to get a room that is as far as possible from the access point, like the elevator or the main stairs. This makes it less likely to be targeted.
After You Check In
Go straight to the elevator. When you see someone behind you who seems to follow, act as if you look for something and let the person go ahead. If this is not possible, go to a floor above where your room is.
After you reach your room, turn on the TV, leave it on low volume, and put the do not disturb sign. After, simply leave the room and walk around. See where the fire escape is and follow the plan. Remember that simply because a fire escape exists does not mean it will not be blocked. It is better to be safe in this case.
The Hotel Safe
Contrary to the common advice offered, it is better to never use the safe the hotel has. Be especially careful with the safe inside your hotel room since it is the very first target. Also, you should not leave money or documents under the mattress. Thieves will look there right after the safe.
On the whole, as you can easily notice, most of the hotel safety you need is all about using common sense. It is always better to have a safety-oriented approach and stay aware of your surroundings.