Rhodesian Camouflage Passports – What you should know!

The Foreign Office of Rhodesia condemns the sale of false or fantasy passports of the Republic of Rhodesia. However, as a persecuted people, the Rhodesian nation also understands that people might have a need for protection through a legal Camouflage Passport at times.

In order to lead this issue into legal and – more importantly – cost-free channels, Section 5 of the new Rhodesian Citizenship Law (“Asylum and Protection of Third Country Citizens”) opens up the possibility of legally becoming the owner of a genuine Rhodesian passport – free of cost and from the one and only legitimate and UN-approved Government of the Rhodesian people in diaspora.

Foreign Secretary Jacob Pistorius (Liberation Front Party) asks the global community not to fall for traders who sell completely worthless and illegal passports as well as documents.

Rhodesia is accredited at the United Nations as a nation and people without territory and its Government in exile is its only rightful government.

Rhodesia will always help people in difficult situations and protect them. However, the Rhodesian Government will not tolerate companies selling fake passports.

Whoever needs camouflage for legal reasons may contact the Rhodesian Foreign Office or one of the Rhodesian Consulates to apply to get a real Rhodesian Passport for protective purposes (Class-B passport) on base of §5 of the Rhodesian Citizenship Law.

The foreign office warns that any Rhodesian Passport that is sold from “shops” are false, illegal and dangerous. If in need, individual with good intentions should contact the Consular Services of Rhodesia.

Official Government in exile of The Republic of Rhodesia
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