Rhodesian President invites all freedom lovers who value privacy and a truly safe currency

The President of the Republic of Rhodesia, Colonel B.G. Harper, issued an executive order on August 6, 2021, to strengthen the privacy of the Rhodesian people.

With a few large digital companies (big tech) undermining people’s privacy and states making use of them, the entire Rhodesian administration will be prohibited from sharing data with other states, such as in the area of international security. Requests to the Rhodesian Ministry of Law and Order regarding criminal records will also no longer be answered, effective immediately.

Most services provided by Rhodesian consulates are free of charge, e.g., naturalization procedures (Rhodesian citizenship, passport). The few services that do incur processing fees and expenses can from now on only be paid in the local currency, Rhodesian Etro, with the exchange rate set by the government at 0.46 Rhodesian Etro per 1 U.S. Dollar. “We should be proud of our stable analog currency and spread the word”, Col. Harper told the cabinet.

“Rhodesia was, is and will remain the country of mavericks, free men and strong women”, the President stressed at yesterday’s cabinet meeting. “Even as the Western world is in the process of self-destruction, Rhodesia will always remain the home of free enterprise, sanity and order. For one thing is clear: as long as I am President, every pathetic ‘woke’ snowflake will melt. Rhodesia exists because of strength, courage and bravery”, the head of state added, “and we invite anyone to become a Rhodesian who wants to live in a world where everything is normal.”

“Rhodesia is a sanctuary of Western values, and no George Soros, no Bill Gates, no non-governmental organization will ever be able to draw a breath in Rhodesia. We send such figures and their sick ideologies home immediately,” added Defense Secretary Admiral Johnson.

Read about the astonishing history of Rhodesia and what happened since 1980 in the shadows at

The Rhodesian Citizenship Law allows every person with good intentions to apply for citizenship free of any cost.

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