‘No Sunday Law, No Great Controversy, No End-time Prophet and the Mark of the Beast is Undetermined’

Dr. Jon Paulien is a professor at the Loma Linda University School of Religion. At a recent church-sponsored symposium about the end time prophetic events, Dr. Paulien said that Sunday Laws are not coming, the Great Controversy is outdated, there are other options for the mark of the beast and Ellen White was not an end-time prophet.

The presentation was entitled “The Coming Sunday Law Dilemma” featuring Dr. Jon Paulien. However, the “coming Sunday law dilemma” was not about the crisis our world would soon face; no, the “dilemma” that Dr. Paulien was inferring was that there was no Sunday law forthcoming.

What about the mark of the beast? Well, the new contemporary interpretation about the “Mark of the Beast,” according to Dr. Paulien, is that the text of Revelation describes a “counterfeit” and not specifically “Sunday,” and there are many options when interpreting a counterfeit. It can mean “any day” or it can mean “no days.” Do you see what is happening? They are rewriting the message of the mark of the beast. The contemporary church is attempting to remake the movement founded by our pioneers. We are witnessing a scenario in which anything remotely resembling historic Adventism is being eliminated, turned upside down or corrupted.

Then Dr. Pauline said the following about the book Great Controversy and Sunday laws: “The idea of a world-wide Sunday law made a lot of sense back then. The world was quite different than today. So we should not assume that after the passage of more than one hundred and fifty years that every detail would necessarily be fulfilled … Great Controversy fits perfectly with exactly what was happening in the world in the 1880s…If God was giving a prophecy today it wouldn’t sound like what was given back then because we are in a different world.

Dr. Paulien is only affirming what many of our leaders already believe. His statements are a reflection of what Ted Wilson and other church leaders have already embraced. This explains why things are the way they are and why the Great Hope has replaced the Great Controversy. Seventh-day Adventists have reached a watershed moment at this point in history. We must choose between the paths before us. Will the Spirit of Prophecy be believed and obeyed, as revealed in the Great Controversy book? Will we cross the Jordan River and enter the Promised Land? Or will we believe these scholars who tell us that they know more than the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord and who are leading us not only to Egypt, but into the hands of Rome?

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