Aunt of 4-year-old girl shot in Times Square recounts terrifying ordeal

The aunt of the 4-year-old girl who was struck when a gunman opened fire in Times Square recalled the moment the family realized the tot had been hit as they ran for their lives — but said the “tough” little girl stayed calm.

Little Skye Martinez was waiting in line with her mom, 16-year-old aunt Danae Romero, and other relatives to shop for toys at Line Friends on Saturday afternoon when a gunman arguing with three other people opened fire in the crowd, striking her and two other bystanders.

“She didn’t feel anything. Even when we noticed when we were at the corner, she wasn’t crying,” Romero told The Post on Sunday.

Romero, who had also joined for the shopping trip, said she had overheard a man shout at someone to come over before shots rang out at the tourist hub.

“Once they went over was when they started shooting, so we ran and didn’t notice that my niece got hit until we were at the corner and we could see that she was bleeding,” she said.

Romero said that her niece, who was hit in the left leg, managed to stay calm.

“She’s pretty tough, I guess. She’s always been happy. There aren’t many times when she cries and stuff,” she said.

Romero said Skye is still at the hospital, where she’s in “stable condition.”

“She’s doing alright. It’s a stressful situation,” Romero told The Post.

But she said the shooting has left her sister, Skye’s mother, reeling.

“She’s upset. Nobody knew what was going to happen and she was like, why did it have to be her [daughter] because she’s 4 years old,” Romero said.

Romero called on the police to track down the gunman responsible for the shooting.

“Please actually catch him. He’s out there and you don’t know why he did it,” she said.

“What if he ends up hurting some more people? ‘Cause if he’s able to do it in a place where there’s so much people like Times Square and not care, what’s going to stop him from doing it again?”

Reached by phone on Sunday, Skye’s mother, Sonia Romero, declined to comment on the shooting.

“Our priority is taking care of my daughter,” she told The Post.