Discover The Best Deals For National Margarita Day In West Texas!

Discover The Best Deals For National Margarita Day In West Texas!

It’s finally  National Margarita Day a West Texas favorite! National Margarita Day is celebrated on the 22nd of February This holiday celebrates this much loved cocktail and is celebrated at the end of winter, it’s definitely been nice and warm here in Texas. Perfect weather to sit out side and enjoy a margarita whether on the rocks, frozen, with or without salt Margaritas consistently are on the top of the nations favorite adult cocktails.

There are so many ways to enjoy margaritas. All across the Permian Basin local businesses are bragging on their margaritas. Rusty Taco has their house margaritas on sale for half price that includes Mango and Strawberry margaritas. Gerado’s Casita is offering special margaritas like a Mexi Rita and Fruity Rita for only $5! Just to name a few! $2.99 margaritas? Yes, please! Celebrate National Margarita Day with these Des Moines deals

If you prefer to stay home you can also make your very own margaritas just the way you like them. All you need to make margaritas from the comfort of your home is tequila, sweet and sour, maybe some orange liqueur, limes, salt, shaker and of course a festive margarita glass which is as iconic as the drink itself, rumor has it the glass was inspired from the French Champagne Glass.

What ever you decide for National Margarita Day 2024 enjoy this classic Mexican cocktail. I for one will be enjoying my favorite a Mexican Martini shaken with a salted Tajin rim with sliced jalapeno’s for the garnish, shaken to a ice cold temperature! Cheers and Happy Margarita Day.