Gran Turismo 7 has been largely unplayable for hours due to server maintenance

Gran Turismo 7 has been largely unplayable for hours due to server maintenance

Gran Turismo 7, one of the greatest PlayStation arrivals of the year up to this point, has been going through server support for a really long time in view of an issue found with the game’s most recent update. “Because of an issue found with Update 1.07, we are broadening the current server upkeep period,” peruses a notification on the Gran Turismo site from toward the beginning of today. “We will affirm the finishing time at the earliest opportunity.”

The upkeep implies that quite a bit of Gran Turismo 7, including its profession mode and multiplayer, is unplayable, and it’s muddled when the support could end. Engineer Polyphony Digital hasn’t definite what the fundamental issue may be, and Sony didn’t promptly answer to a solicitation for input.

According to Polyphony’s patch notes, Update 1.07 adds a number of fixes and changes, including a new broadcast mode that removes all licensed music tracks. However, Polyphony says it also adjusted the rewards for some events, and players appear to have found that for many races, you now get fewer credits, making it more difficult to save up in-game currency for more expensive cars.

Scanning through the Gran Turismo subreddit, it’s clear that many fans are particularly unhappy with the credits changes in the patch. Sony does sell in-game credits for real-world dollars that could help you get the cars you want, but those microtransactions are on top of the $60 or $70 you’re already paying just to buy the game (depending on if you get it for PS4 or PS5). It’s unclear if Polyphony will be making changes to the credit payouts in response to fan outcry.

Attila Tomaschek

Attila Tomaschek is the weekend news editor at The G DiLine Network.