Amazon wall-hangs Prime Video in 15.6-type echo show 15.

Amazon wall-hangs Prime Video in 15.6-type echo show 15.

Amazon has launched its Echo Show 15 smart display, which features a 15.6-hand Full HD display and can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations, on Tuesday. Shipments begin on April 7.

the external dimensions are 402×252×35 mm (vertical × horizontal × thickness). you can customize the home screen using the widget function. you can select a calendar, reminder, a to-do list, a shopping list, etc. and display it on the home screen. the widgets keep you updated, so you can stay up to date.

The Visual ID feature recognizes who Alexa is in front of the camera on your device. Display personalized information on the device screen. If you create a profile for each family member in advance and register a visual ID, you can automatically display your own calendar, notes sent to you, recently played music, etc.

This visual ID feature will be available not only in Echo Show 15, but also in Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 8 soon.

you can also leave notes for your family, update your to-do and shopping lists, check and add family calendars and personal events. with the widget feature, you can add the corresponding smart home products to the home screen, easily tap and manage them centrally in the dashboard.

Since the live video of the camera can be displayed on the screen, it is also possible to check the state of the baby with camera video while watching dramas such as Prime Video.

It is equipped with a next-generation Amazon “AZ2” neural edge processor. Machine learning-based voice models can be processed much faster than conventional products, and computer vision (CV) algorithms that previously had to be performed on a huge cloud can be processed on the device, “It is now possible to recognize registered people based on visual IDs stored safely on the device,” the company said.

In addition to wall-mounted metal fittings, wall beauty wall brackets dedicated to Echo Show 15 are also available separately. It can be hung on the wall without making a large hole, and the price is 3,480 yen (it is only for plasterboard walls, but cannot be attached to hard plasterboard).