Bloodborne Kart is a new fan project from the makers of the PSX demake

Bloodborne Kart is a new fan project from the makers of the PSX demake

Bloodborne’s seventh commemoration was recently, and despite the fact that FromSoftware allows fans to mope without a PC port, Lilith Walther – maker of the well known Bloodborne PSX demake – keeps on keeping the local area took care of, watered, and adored with her new fan project: Bloodborne Kart.

Bloodborne Kart is by all accounts the exact thing the name suggests: a Bloodborne kart racer. It has similar designs and generally speaking energy of the PSX demake, however rather than felling foul monsters, the Hunter will presently get the chance to meander the roads of Yharnam and perhaps past on a sweet-ass bike. I’m trusting there will be the chance to race against my absolutely favorites like Father Gascoigne, Micolash, and Gehrman, as well as a portion of Bloodborne’s less-humanoid occupants like… why for heaven’s sake not, the Orphan of Kos. It’s Bloodborne Kart – there are no guidelines. The title screen music – made by Evelyn Lark, who likewise formed the music for Bloodborne PSX – is now an affirmed bop.

Like she did with Bloodborne PSX, Walther will provide daily development updates on her Twitter page, offering neat tidbits into the making of such an unlooked-for but right-on-time project.

According to Walther, there is no firm release date on Bloodborne Kart, stating that it’ll “coming out as soon as it’s ready.” Take your time — we all know it’ll likely come out before the Bloodborne PC port anyway.

Attila Tomaschek

Attila Tomaschek is the weekend news editor at The G DiLine Network.