Some Twitter users report Unsupported phone number’ or ‘enter valid number’ errors while adding phone number (workaround inside)

Some Twitter users report  Unsupported phone number’ or ‘enter valid number’ errors while adding phone number (workaround inside)

Founded in 2006, Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging and social networking services. It allows users to interact with others around the world through short messages called ‘Tweets’.

One can access Twitter through a web browser or dedicated app clients for different platforms.

However, like any other social media platform, Twitter also suffers from various bugs and issues from time to time. The latest issue seems to affect their phone number verification system.

Twitter ‘ Unsupported phone number’ or ‘enter a valid number’ error

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), several Twitter users have been experiencing an issue where they are getting an ‘unsupported’ or ‘enter a valid number’ error during phone number verification.

This seems to be more of a server-side issue since it affects both new and existing users across different types of devices.

Why did I get this message?

Twitter now only accepts actual mobile phone numbers issued by mobile service providers. It doesn’t matter how you sign up, desktop, or any other device. Twitter will request a mobile number. One exception is if you don’t use a VPN and use newer Gmail to sign up, which has your phone number. Google most likely shares the phone number with Twitter or has it ready as soon as they might request in the future.

Also, before requesting login, Twitter will require a google Captcha, designed to run your IP and check through google “secure” servers to see if your IP is blocklisted or using VPN.

In this case, Google will pass Twitter either pass or phone request protocol.

Why did I get an “Unsupported Phone Number” message from Twitter?

As for the “unsupported phone number,” error means you are using the mobile or landline operator, which doesn’t allow Twitter to send you a verification code via SMS. In this case, you need to contact them and describe the issue in detail.

Please note that it may take some time for you to get a response. Also, it’s a good idea to follow up on the case if they won’t reply in a week.

Reasons for “Unsupported Phone Number” message display

Twitter doesn’t acknowledge VOIP telephone numbers for enlistment since they are VoIP (Voice over Web Convention) numbers, which the FCC groups as “wireline,” a mix of remote and landline.

As they are named wireline Twitter will show an “unsupported telephone number” message each time you attempt to confirm your record with a republic remote telephone number. This message is shown for Venmo and Twitter.

Once in a while Twitter makes this move when they think you are spamming or behaving like a bot, whatever other action that disregards Twitter people group rules. It resembles the second phase of confirmation to ensure you’re a human. So Twitter messages you on your telephone number, a Google Voice number (comparative VOIP) you might have to empower message sending.

Clear your gadget reserve (or attempt another program) and check whether it settle the issue. Guarantee you are not utilizing any intermediary or VPN in light of the fact that Twitter confirms login endeavors from an alternate country IP for security purposes.

Assuming your record is suspended, this basically implies that you are restricted from Twitter. A suspension, nonetheless, can be brief and can be pursued and is typically a limitation from getting to accounts associated with sharing phony news, spam, or badgering. To get your Twitter account back, you need to check yourself again by messaging a confirmation code on your telephone.

Twitter will consequently log your record off all gadgets, and it is typically anticipated. Assume Twitter sees dubious conduct around your record, as rehashed logins with an erroneous secret phrase or higher-than-typical record movement. All things considered, the record will be logged out from all gadgets.

Utilizing a number that does not exist anymore or is now enlisted with different records. Twitter will naturally show “unsupported telephone number” in the event that it finds any telephone numbers being utilized.

Solutions for “Unsupported phone number” message

Luckily, there are ways to log in to your Twitter account without needing an active phone number(even with a wireless republic phone number). Yes, they’re all legitimate ways to get your account back and give you access again. These methods include:

  • Reset Your Password Using Email
  • Fill out Twitter’s Account Restoration Form (it takes some time, but it’s worth it)
  • Contact Twitter Support Directly
  • Using a VoIP
  • Use a Supported Phone number
Reset Your Account Password using Your Email

This is the first and recommended option when trying to gain access to your locked Twitter account. Find the “reset password” button on the login page and click on it. If you don’t have a phone number, input your recovery email (make sure it was the same one you used while creating your account). Once completed, Twitter will send you a verification email with an option of changing your password that you can use to unlock your account. Once you’re back in your account, you can change this password to something you like and try to remember it.

Fill Out Twitter’s Account Restoration Form (Contact Twitter Directly)

You’ll need to fill a Record Rebuilding Structure. It is accessible to anybody attempting to acquire total admittance to a kept Twitter record or you have incidentally endorsed out of your Twitter account.

You can demand account rebuilding through the Twitter support segment. In the structure, you’ll be asked a couple of safety inquiries to determine your way of life as the record’s unique proprietor, including your underlying login subtleties. They could ask reinforcement security inquiries that you filled while making a record.

This requires some investment, as the actual structure is extremely broad. The reaction time takes some time since human administrators audit it exclusively and close with the choice.

On the off chance that this multitude of techniques fall flat, feel free to contact Twitter straightforwardly. Twitter Backing is available to everybody. It has a bunch of inquiries that will direct you to reset your record and in this manner recapture admittance to your locked Twitter account.

It is a comparative interaction as topping off the record reclamation structure. In any case, it could take somewhat longer with every one of the cycles.

Luckily, you are in good company. Twitter locked out dubious records constantly briefly and for all time too(very interesting). An individual can be kept out of their record in light of multiple factors, from thought spamming and posting hostile substance, posting foul substance, oppressive or bothering somebody, to something as basic as attempting to make a Twitter account before you turned 13. It might seem like a joke, however it is really against Twitter Rules and Protection. All things considered, kids have a strategy for getting around everything.

Use a VoIP

VoIP, Voice over Web Convention, otherwise called IP communication, permits individuals to settle on limited landline decisions over the web. While it could sound confounded, it isn’t. You may be utilizing one at the present time: TextNow, Google Voice, and Skype are probably the most well known VoIP administrations accessible on the web. VoIP’s are typically allowed to utilize, yet the exceptional administrations are more reasonable and offer more administrations, message informing, similar to a usable telephone number, and so forth.

However, there is a trick; Twitter, including Skype, doesn’t perceive most VoIP. Because of the standard advancing strategies of programmers and spammers. Twitter does likewise and boycotts most VoIP’s a direct result of their unfortunate security.

Google Voice and TextNow, be that as it may, are as yet perceived by Twitter, with a Google Voice and TextNow for the most part being perceived during information exchange and login confirmation.

That is because Google allows SMS to be sent to these company-generated mobile numbers because of security protocols. Not to mention that it’s Google is one of the most trusted companies around the globe.

If Twitter locked you or did it by yourself, try registering for a Google Voice number or other services and use that to receive the Twitter verification code. It usually works, but some phone numbers that Google Voice generates aren’t recognized by Twitter (people complain about Twitter saying that it’s an unsupported phone number), so you might have to try multiple times. If it does work, however, Google Voice will receive the verification SMS that Twitter sends, and you’ll be able to gain access to your account again.

A similar process can be done through TextNow. Still, it is recommended only if you already have their number, as registering to TextNow is lengthy. Still, the verification process is more smooth than Google Voice.

Using a Supported Phone number

When creating your Twitter account, make sure to use a supported phone number, unlike Republic Wireless supports, preventing an “unsupported phone number” message. You can use your family member’s phone number or someone living close to you just for verification purposes or buy a new phone number to avoid any problem.


So in this article, we discussed the reasons with their and legitimate solutions to solve Twitter’s “unsupported phone number” problem caused by VoIP numbers like the Wireless Republic issue, spamming accounts or violating community guidelines, logging in your account from a non-existent number, and much more.

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