User Outrage Caused by ChatGPT Outage as Downdetector Notices Increase in Issues

User Outrage Caused by ChatGPT Outage as Downdetector Notices Increase in Issues

Inability to access the desktop website on a Tuesday morning left ChatGPT customers angry and shocked, according to the Evening Standard.

Many work projects have been placed on hold as a result of the outage, which has infuriated its devoted user base and raised questions about what caused the sudden disruption.

Users Air Frustration

Like they usually do, OpenAI has remained silent on the matter, leaving users to seek answers on social media and tech forums.

Many shared screenshots of a white login screen, showing their inability to progress further into the platform. While some reported being entirely locked out of the desktop version, others found solace in the mobile app, where ChatGPT remained operational.

ES spotted that the frustration was palpable on Twitter, where one user expressed his exasperation, writing, “ChatGPT is down, I am finished.” another one chimed in, echoing the sentiment, “Would be nice if you could get your web platform to work again. Because currently ChatGPT is only working on the mobile app.”

Adding to the growing concern, Downdetector, a platform that monitors online service outages, detected a significant surge in users reporting problems with ChatGPT.

This surge, according to Downdetector, further substantiates the widespread issues that many ChatGPT users have encountered.

A Closer Look

ChatGPT, known for its dual modes of operation – free and premium – has become indispensable for countless users across various industries, particularly in the IT sector.

Its ability to engage in human-like conversations, answer questions, complete tasks, and even write code has made it an invaluable tool for professionals and enthusiasts.

The program, which debuted in November 2022, quickly gained popularity, with the premium mode ChatGPT Plus going live just three months later, in February.

Its accessibility and multifaceted capabilities have contributed to its rapid ascent, making it an integral part of many users’ daily routines.

Status Report

OpenAI’s outage history, as reported by the OpenAI Status Report, reveals a recent series of disruptions, including one on September 13 that persisted for over 50 minutes.

This recent trend of interruptions has left some users anxious about the stability and reliability of the platform.

In Other News

ChatGPT is expanding beyond text-based interactions. It now allows some users to include images as part of their queries and to give spoken instructions to the chatbot, which can also respond verbally.

These new features enhance the chatbot’s versatility, making it more adept at understanding the world around it, not just the online data on which it was trained.

OpenAI’s decision to implement these features was initially announced with the release of GPT-4 earlier in the year. However, it has taken until now for the company to ensure that these innovations align with its safety policies.