Google at 25: New Doodle Brings a Look on All its Logos to Commemorate Silver Anniversary

Google at 25: New Doodle Brings a Look on All its Logos to Commemorate Silver Anniversary

Ostensibly the most popular web organization and web search tool on the planet is Google, and it has proactively arrived at 25 years in the business and is as yet continuing forward. Presently, the eminent Enormous Tech organization from Mountain View is commending its 25th birthday celebration since it was first sent off in 1998, bringing another Google Doodle that brings the world through the various logos it had previously.

Google Doodle has been a focal approach to celebrating different occasions on the planet, from various individuals, places, verifiable occasions, and that’s just the beginning, yet in addition for the Google brand.

Google at 25: New Doodle Brings All Logos Through the Years
Google's 25th Birthday!
Google’s 25th Birthday!

Google Inc. from Sergey Brin and Larry Page who met each other at Stanford University was founded last September 27, 1998, with the company now celebrating its 25th birthday.

In its commemoration of this milestone, the company released a new Google Doodle which takes users from the early days of the company by showcasing its logo and its changes through the years.

From the 3D version which looked like it was taken straight from Microsoft Office, down to its iconic colors and Bakersville font, and the modern Material You theme which the world is seeing now. The company’s influence is massive, and it was so famous that its name was then a proper noun and was previously added as a verb that means to use a search engine or look for information online.

Google’s 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration

Google’s celebration detailed the start of the company in 1998 when Brin and Page formed the company from a rented garage, now known for its iconic Googleplex and various Google campuses around the world. Its 25 years in the industry did not only bring the search engine and a more accessible internet, but also a slur of apps, games, experiences, and more that still live on or see developments from the company now.

Google’s Tech and Innovation

Among the countless things that Google brought to the world is its technology, and how the company shaped the industry towards advancements and innovation, centering on the internet. From its search engine which brought massive results for almost all topics, down to a web browser app with Chrome, the company was not shy to bring its experience to the world.

Google is also famous for delivering the open-access smartphone operating system, Android, an ecosystem that is widely used now and has also taken various forms and looks for all.

While Google is the company that brought the world accessible internet, the people behind it are not forgotten. From the renowned data centers of the company, Brazilian engineer Luiz André Barroso has given the world cloud computing that shaped what Google is now.

The many products and experiences over at Google make it one of the most important companies in the almost past three decades, as well as a significant name in the future.

Google is now celebrating its 25th birthday since it was started by Brin and Page from a rented garage in 1998, now a world-celebrated company that still is the top name for everything regarding the internet and more.