MMORPG “ELYON” 2022 development roadmap released. 30 people raid content and 2 new classes are coming out

MMORPG “ELYON” 2022 development roadmap released. 30 people raid content and 2 new classes are coming out

On March 22, GameOn delivered the 2022 advancement guide for the allowed to-play MMORPG ” ELYON “. Notwithstanding new assault substance and new classes, a ton of substance planned to be executed in 2022, like better playability and opening of the new mainland and level cap, are presented.

“ELYON” is a MMORPG that authoritatively begun homegrown assistance on November 12, 2021. It highlights adaptability by joining a wide assortment of abilities and non-focusing on fights. This time, Kang Yun-suk, the improvement maker of the designer Bluehole Studio, will show up in the video. Presenting the components that will be added to this work by this year.

As extra satisfied, the assault content “Battling King Ilcus” was presented, which permits up to 30 individuals to partake. It is more straightforward than the regular 10-man attack, yet it is wanted to partake in the fight where collaboration is significant. Also, another hunting ground “Sanctuary of Desire” will be added. This is a hunting ground that can be played on a family by-faction premise, and has a component that continues possessing an effective hunting ground while antagonistic to different groups. Moreover, the presence of another guide “Secret Sea” and new beasts has additionally been uncovered. Moreover, an attack fight with the presentation of a huge robot weapon “Goliath Magic Armor”, the expansion of another mainland, the kickoff of level covers, and the expansion of a primary story are additionally arranged.

Then, about improving interactivity. Mr Kang referenced that there are issues with equilibrium and compensations in camp fights. He says he will manage it by restoring the substance. What’s more, it was uncovered that another PvP denied channel was added. Because of the arrangement of “contention structure between camps”, it is said that it will establish a climate where players who do PvP and the people who don’t can coincide as a spot for players who are anxious by PvP. Moreover, it is said that new and returning clients will actually want to serenely continue with the game, for example, putting together pointless things and lightening obstacles in preparing. Also, the hardware reinforcing framework will be loose, for example, “gear won’t be annihilated regardless of whether fortifying fizzles”. Furthermore, it has been uncovered that help for gamepad activities is advancing.

Two new classes were additionally presented. The first is “Paladin”, a class that really takes advantage of light/actual quality abilities utilizing blades and safeguards. It appears to be that it is feasible to play with high adaptability by using the atmosphere, and by dominating it, it is feasible to exhibit a wide reach assault like an enchanted class and backing capacity practically identical to a healer. Another new class, “Soul Bringer,” is a double use skirmish assault class. With speedy development abilities and free activity, you can appreciate elating and energizing activities. In South Korea, which is the home of this work, “Paladin” is relied upon to be executed in the primary portion of 2022, and “Soul Bringer” is relied upon to be carried out in the last part of 2022.

Attila Tomaschek

Attila Tomaschek is the weekend news editor at The G DiLine Network.